FIBERFOX at ISE 2020 - Hall 14 Stand K-198

At the Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam from February 11th to February 14th the main focus is on the new FIBERFOX briDge © EBC connector. The front offers an established EBC mating face, whereas 2 or 4 LC sockets are available on the backside. This enables numerous variants of adaption to the FIBERFOX system. The patented design leads to a very short overall depth and thus enables extremely simple retrofitting of all devices with internal LC connections. The flange dimension corresponds to the very common D-hole design, similar to the opticalCON. Take the chance to have a closer look at our product range or to talk to our specialists!

FIBERFOX at Pro Days 2020

For the 12th time, pan-pro GmbH is inviting to the event branch meeting in Lohne on February 3 and 4, 2020. What started with a small in-house exhibition has now become a major event in the Scene.

The focus is on get-together, networking and lots of information about event technology. The Pro Days are the perfect opportunity to inform yourself about the updated FIBERFOX product range and to exchange information on specialist topics. We'll enjoy your visit at our booth.

FIBERFOX at Hamburg Open 2020

Over the years, the Hamburg Open has established itself as an industry meeting point for broadcasting and media technology and, due to the strong increase in interest, will take place in the Hamburg exhibition halls for the first time from January 22 to 23, 2020.

In Hamburg we present our updated FIBERFOX product range and CONNEX media converters. Visit us in hall B1 at booth B1.EG.203 . We'll be glad to send you a ticket voucher.

ELC network switches available with FIBERFOX

ELC lighting,  innovator in DMX control, networking and accessories for the professional entertainment lighting market, is offering the DLS10 and DLS18 network switches fitted with FIBERFOX receptacles. We are very excited about this new partnership. Here too, as with many other device manufacturers, this creates an excellent combination of high-quality electronics with durable and indestructible fiber optic connections.

Purelink IPAV Pro with FIBERFOX EBC series

The number of manufacturers who equip their devices with the road-proof and wear-free FIBERFOX EBC connectors is growing steadily. Purelink, the well-known developer, manufacturer and distributor of digital connectivity products, now offers the new AV Extender IPAV Pro with the FIBERFOX EBC1502 receptacle. The IPAV PRO is an SDVoE-enabled product that provides copper and fiber ports in a single unit, making it an AV Extender, Splitter, Seamless Switcher or Video Wall Controller. In combination with the FIBERFOX EBC fiber optic connection, it is ideal for use in stage life and rental Business.

Lightware now also with FIBERFOX EBC

Lightware Visual Engineering, a world-renowned manufacturer of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort matrix switchers, extenders and other audio- video devices, now offers the HDMI20 OPTC * X220 Pro Series with durable and wear-resistant FIBERFOX EBC bulkheads. This makes it possible to easily implement the concept of single-fiber technology even in the mobile sector, where dirt, moisture or high wear could make the handling of traditional fiber technology unsafe. In addition, Lightware also meets the growing demand for robust fiber solutions that do not require expensive measuring equipment and complicated cleaning procedures. We are very pleased that another manufacturer of a high quality brand offers these options for his products.

FIBERFOX distributor in France

We're glad to present a distributor for FIBERFOX products in France. S2CEB, a trademark of CAE group since 1992, manufactures and distributes a complete range of products for audio and video broadcast professionals. S2CEB stands for competent service, immediate availability, prompt shipping and more. We are very pleased that FIBERFOX is represented by this leading event industry company.

YAMAHA switches with FIBERFOX at PRG

The globally operating Production Resource Group AG from Hamburg has equipped a larger order of YAMAHA SWP-01 switches with FIBERFOX EBC connectors. In addition, PRG purchased additional ready-made bulkheads for self-assembly for the adaptation of DGLink switches to FIBERFOX. For many years, PRG has been using the extremely robust and reliable FIBERFOX fiber-optic cable for use at major events. We are delighted that with this expansion, PRG is expanding its portfolio of complete solutions for stress-free and secure transmission of network signals for audio systems.

FIBERFOX represented in the Republic of Korea

.... and yet another company incorporates FIBERFOX into its product range. LIVE-LAB CO., LTD. from Seoul, distributor of leading lighting and video equipment and systems such as Luminex, Chamsys, Visual Productions, Green Hippo and others, is now taking over the distribution of FIBERFOX products for the Korean market. We are very excited about this new member of the FIBERFOX Distributor family.

FIBERFOX in Switzerland

We're happy that with ZAP S.A, located in Genève and Winterthur, another company has decided within a short time to distribute FIBERFOX. From now on, Frederic Walder in Genève and Flavio Rüdy in Winterthur will be the counterparts for interested customers in Switzerland. With FIBERFOX, ZAP S.A is expanding its distribution range of high-quality brands like Nexo, Yamaha, Luminex, or Auvitran with another first-class product.

New FIBERFOX distributor in Singapore

FIBERFOX will also be represented by a distribution partner in Southeast Asia in the future. Company Loud Technologies Asia from Singapore is now our partner for FIBERFOX products in this region. Loud Technologies Asia will also be available to customers/interested parties from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam as contact. Already at the Broadcast Asia 2018 exhibition, Loud Technologies will present the advantages of the road-proof and wear-free FIBERFOX system.

AMBION gets more FCM modules

AMBION GmbH has now received a large number of FIBERFOX FCM modules. With its branches in Kassel, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, the company is thus among the event service providers with the most FIBERFOX fiber optic systems in Germany. Michael 'Miwe' Wengerter praises the extraordinary reliability and durability of the FIBERFOX products: 'The stuff just does it, you have no problems with it in the rough tour routine'. AMBION has been using FIBERFOX in all major productions for more than 10 years without any breakdowns.

FIBERFOX distributor Poland

We're glad to introduce ABLO GROUP sp. z o.o. as a distributor for FIBERFOX products in Poland. With FIBERFOX, ABLO expands its portfolio of well-known brands such as Yahama, Luminex, Kling & Freitag, and Sennheiser with another high-quality product. We are very pleased that ABLO is the point of contact for the Polish market regarding our road-proof and reliable fiber optic system now.

TDA increases stock of FIBERFOX Systems

TDA Rental GmbH, one of the leading event service providers in Germany, has once again significantly increased the stock of FIBERFOX fiber optic systems. We are pleased to announce that another well-known company is increasingly focusing on road-proof and wear-resistant FIBERFOX lens connectors, thus guaranteeing safe transmission of all signals at events of all kinds, even under difficult environmental conditions.

4K@60Hz converter FIBERFOX HDMI2.0 available

Due to the high demand, the CONNEX 4k60Hz Fiber Extender CMH is shipping now! Using FIBERFOX EBC150x series it provides HDMI 2.0 signals at the maximum resolution for long distances and allows secure transmission without any quality loss: full colour depth 4: 4: 4, UHD (3840 × 2160 pixels) resolution or native 4K (4096 × 2160 pixels) at 60Hz all over one multimode fiber channel only! Of course, the CMH is backward compatible and can be used for HD (1080p, WUXGA) and 4K applications as well. A rugged design, flexible application possibilities and the use of robust FIBERFOX connectors make this CONNEX device a long-lasting, future-proof invest for touring or installation purposes.

FIBERFOX at Hamburg Open 2017

The Hamburg Open has emerged over the last years as a meeting point and exhibition for broadcast, media, and production technology. This year again FIBERFOX displayed its product range on the premises of the MCI studios. Apart from road-proof and wear-free fiber optic systems, especially the CONNEX 4K video converters fitted with FIBERFOX receptacles gained a lot of attention.. We saw twice as many contacts as last year. FIBERFOX is glad to see customer’s growing interest and thank all visitors for their enquiries and suggestions.

FIBERFOX distributor for Slovenia and Croatia

MK Light&Sound d.o.o. of Ljubljana is a distributor of important lighting, audio, broadcast and multimedia brands. They have just decided to extend their range of high-quality products by offering FIBERFOX. MK Light&Sound will supply and support the Slovenian and Croatian markets. Dean Karow, CEO, said: ‘We are glad to present FIBERFOX optical systems as the next ‘state-of-the-art’ thing within our selected product range.'

FIBERFOX at the DFB Cup Final 2016 in Berlin

Stage Concept, an event service provider from Rheinau, repeatedly equipped the VIP hospitality of the DFB at the DFB Cup Final in Berlin by using FIBERFOX fibre optic sets in combination with converters to DVI and Network.

Michael Meßmer, technical director of the Stage Concept, said: ‘It was a challenge to transmit the signals safely and almost free of latency, despite the huge infrastructure. This was ensured by the use of FIBERFOX.’ The combined unit has been used simultaneously for audio and video transmission, together with lighting and system control. ‘Also, the simplified cable routing of this unified system offers a big advantage and provides safety in operation,’ Meßmer added.

FIBERFOX at IBC 2016 - Hall 12 Booth G59

For all working with spider cams, revolving stages, or other devices that need rotary connecting systems, FIBERFOX presents its new Fiber Optic Rotary Joints. The FRJ2311 is shipping! Excellent components guarantee an extremely durable product. Expanded Beam technology offers a no-wear and absolutely consistent fiber connection. The FRJ2311 is coming in multimode or singlemode.
The successful EBC1500 fiber connector series with the world’s first Expanded Beam D-shape receptacle and outstanding cable connectors for specific needs of the broadcast and event industry can be experienced as well! Maybe you are interested in 4K@60Hz extenders or SDI or Gigabit converters coming with robust Expanded Beam Technology? Just drop in, and let us know what you think about it!
True to the motto 'easy - safe - flexible - reliable', FIBERFOX is based on 20 years of experience with fiber optics. This year, you can find us at IBC from September 9-13. Take the chance to have a closer look at our product range or to talk to our specialists!

CMD 4K series with FIBERFOX tested by AV STUMPFL

The leading manufacturer of video projection systems, AV STUMPFL GmbH has succesfully tested  the state-of-the-art CONNEX 4K/UHD video converter fitted with FIBERFOX EBC1502. No problems occured during the tests so there is full compatibility with AV STUMPFL systems. To prospective customers they will definitely recommend CONNEX/FIBERFOX 4K converter for the transmission of native 4K within AV STUMPFL frameworks

GREGORIAN farewell tour with FIBERFOX

From March to May 2016, the 'Final Chapter' tour excited GREGORIAN fans. The full technical implementation was in the hands of Media Resource Group from Crailsheim. Among others, it used FIBERFOX cables and FCM-GMC GigaBit converters to convert from Allen&Heath dLive to fiber. Markus Sorger, Technical Manager of the tour, said on the FIBERFOX system: 'We performed 70 shows in 18 countries in three months and employed two 4-fiber cables for the transmission of audio for the dLive (hot and redundant). Furthermore, the cables were used for the HogNet control of lighting and for the Galileo control of sound. The complete audio and lighting multipair consisted of two FIBERFOX cables and a Schuko power cable. It is not possible to work in a more compact manner than with this system.'

FIBERFOX Distributor for Italy

We're glad to announce that Video Signal S.r.l,. as a leading Italian company for broadcast systems, is expanding its product range by FIBERFOX fiber optic systems. From today, Video Signal S.r.l. will provide the Italian market with the most reliable and durable road-proof fiber systems. We'll appreciate this new partnership, which, once again, proves the outstanding quality of FIBERFOX products.

FIBERFOX at Prolight+Sound 2016

FIBERFOX is looking back at a very successful show in Frankfurt. Once again, the live demonstration of the safe and reliable operation of the FIBERFOX system, even under worst circumstances, astonished many interested customers. It was very pleasant once again to be able to raise the interest of major international companies in distributing FIBERFOX products.

As the second highlight, the new CONNEX CMD 4K converter series with FIBERFOX EBC1502 connectors was introduced. It's the first true 4K (4096x2160) and UHD (3840x2160] converter with 60 Hz and colour depth 4:4:4 for outdoor applications worldwide.

FIBERFOX systems and CONNEX video products make your business ready for the future of 4K media technology in particular.

CBC uses FIBERFOX in SNG-Production

Last year the Munich SNG team used FIBERFOX systems at more than 100 operations: No matter if at the 4 hills ski jumping tournament, Bundesliga live transmission from the Allianz-Arena, reportages from the international motor show, the G7 summit or reporting from the terror attacks in Paris - to list up only some some few live productions. The transmission by FIBERFOX worked reliable every time.

A particular highlight was the International Weather Summit, an anual recurring meeting of European weather presenter. From December 3rd to 5th more than 40 live reportages and recordings have been produced at up to 2.600m height and broadcasted for RTL, n-tv and other providers by satellite. Further the takes were mixed with recordings from the SNG placed in the valley more than 7 kilometers away. This long distance was bridged by the Silvretta ropeway connected to the FIBERFOX system. Under partially extreme weather conditions with ice and snow all FIBERFOX components and adaptions prooved succesful too.

MA Network Switch fitted with FIBERFOX

MA Lighting, the global manufacturer of professional lighting consoles, networking components and digital dimming systems, is setting international standards with its grandMA series. It has just launched the MA Network Switch which is available with FIBERFOX fiber optic connectors. The FIBERFOX EBC system gives the MA Network Switch the best-possible operation safety even under extreme conditions. We are pleased that with MA Lighting another manufacturer is convinced of the reliability and performance of the FIBERFOX fiber optic system.

FIBERFOX tested and recommended by Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath, one of the world-leading manufacturers of high-end audio consoles, recommends the FIBERFOX system for transmission of Allen & Heath network protocols. Lauding the quality and performance of the FIBERFOX cables and media converters, Senior Product Manager Nicola Beretta says, 'We are impressed with the build quality and ruggedness of the system. And it works out of the box with both our gigaACE (Gigabit) and dSNAKE (Fast Ethernet) protocols.'

Allen & Heath officially recommends the FIBERFOX system as a tested solution on their website. We are thrilled that with Allen & Heath another manufacturer is convinced of the capability of the FIBERFOX products.

Berlin celebrates New Year with ROCK SOLID and FIBERFOX

Traditionally Berlin welcomes the new year at the Brandenburger Tor. For providing a redundant fiber optic system, this year the service provider TLT Event AG initially used RockLink products with FIBERFOX connection. Helge Rabethge, head of Lighting and Rigging, said: 'We already use the RockSwitch Mk2 from ROCK SOLID Technologies, because we appreciate reliability at our productions.... - ....Owing to this, we quickly decided for the RockLink from ROCK SOLID Technologies, which does not only match these requirements but is also distinguished by its perfect symbiosis of functionality, ease of use, and cost efficiency. Also, with the FIBERFOX version, we have invested in a flexible and innovative fiber optic system, which meets the highest standards'.

Rock Solid Technologies teams up with FIBERFOX

Rock Solid Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of peripheral devices for Show Critical Equipment, now uses FIBERFOX EBC1502 connectors for its redundant fibreglass network switch “RockLink”.

Jens Hillenkötter, CEO of Rock Solid Technologies said “With FIBERFOX we gained a new partner, who brings decades of experience in the field of fibreglass technology, is established in the market and who fully complies with our high expectations. Therefore, it was a logical decision for us to offer another RockLink version, which also withstands extreme conditions in the area of fibreglass.”

The future collaboration is also viewed positively by Günter Bergmann, CEO of FIBERFOX: “We are delighted about the partnership with ROCK SOLID Technologies, a world-renown manufacturer of highly reliable equipment. That it was possible to convince Rock Solid Technologies of our quality confirms our approach to exclusively produce high-quality products.”


The latest show of the legendary band 'Dreams Come True', one of the biggest Japanese concerts held once in four years, was managed by using the 'state-of-the-art' LUMINEX Gigacore Network. To ensure a reliable and safe connection, the LUMINEX devices were fitted with the FIBERFOX EBC series. Mileruntech co.Ltd, the Japanese distributor of FIBERFOX and CONNEX products, supplied this event with 22 FIBERFOX cables of up to 200 m in length.

FIBERFOX distributor for Portugal

FIBERFOX distributor for Portugal

SLS-Sound and Light Systems, which is well known for the distribution of premium brands, adds FIBERFOX to their product range. We're very pleased to announce, that from today SLS will be our distributor for the Portuguese market. This partnership sets another benchmark for the distribution of FIBERFOX products all over the world. Based on 30 years of experience Rui Nunes,  founder of SLS-Sound and Light Systems, is proud to offer fiber products and related services to his professional customers all over Portugal.

150 years of the Vienna Tramway and FIBERFOX

This anniversary event offered special challenges for sound engineers. Concept Solutions Veranstaltungstechnik developed and built a fiber optic network that was used for signal distribution. It consisted of four 'CS switch racks' connected in a ring topology, using about one kilometre of redundant FIBERFOX fiber lines.
The network had separate VLANs for the transmission of both Dante audio (used here for audio transmission via Lake LM44) MA Net and Artnet transfer protocols.

voestalpine "Klangwolke" 2015 at Linz

This year's cultural highlight at Linz was performed by using pre-made FIBERFOX cables and receptacles. Due to Donaupark’s harsh environment standard fiber connections were adapted to FIBERFOX, which allows the operation even under water, is resistant against gross soilings and can be burdened mechanical extremly by heave equipment . Once again the easiest handling and most reliable performance with the FIBERFOX system attained great success, not only for the host but also for the executing event company "Gruppe 20" from Augsburg.

FIBERFOX at Arcadia "Metamorphosis" 2015 in Bristol

This spectacular show with the Arcadia mechanical spider was produced by Central Presentation Limited using the FIBERFOX EBC system and CONNEX CMV DVI converter series. See CPL’s statement: "CPL used six Connex DVI fibre optic converter transmission systems which enabled both the data carrying the content to the machines and the projector control signals including on/off, colour settings, contrast, geometry control and other monitoring and feedback to run down the same cable. This is a neat, robust solution designed for live event that saves time and reduces the need for unnecessary and unwieldy cabling."

HALL 11 Booth G59 – FIBERFOX® at IBC 2015

The next generation of FIBERFOX fiber optic connectors is shipping ! Based on 20 years experience with fiber optics and true to the motto "easy – safe - flexible - reliable" the new FIBERFOX® EBC1500 series is presented in 12, 4 and 2 channel versions. There are several features which take into account the specific needs of broadcast and event industry. This year you can find us at IBC from September 11th to 15th. Take the chance to have a closer look at our product range or to talk to our specialists!

World’s first Expanded Beam XLR D size receptacle

The next generation of FIBERFOX fiber optic connectors is shipping ! Based on 20 years experience with fiber optics and true to the motto "easy - safe - flexible - reliable" the new FIBERFOX EBC1500 series is presented in 12, 4 and 2 channel versions. There are several features which take into account the specific needs of broadcast and event industry.

Beside the slim design of the cable connector FIBERFOX is proud to announce a very unique receptacle which has full flange compatibility with XLR D size, one of the most popular formats world wide ! This means that every owner of a panel or a device with XLR D-hole connections can easily mount the new FIBERFOX EBC1500 receptacles and therefore benefit from all advantages of expanded beam connectors.

In addition to the XLR D-size, it does’nt matter whether the flange is to be positioned on or behind the panel. No bulk or jam nut versions – one type fits all !

It goes without saying that the new EBC1500 series meets MIL equivalent standards, comes with IP68, is backward compatible to EBC5x series and presents outstanding features to get a kick out of using the FIBERFOX system. Have this premium show connector and play!