4 channel
EBC1504 Ready-Made Receptacle

  • Flange Neutrik D-hole shape
  • Mountable on front or from rear both
  • Ready-made up with EBC1504 to SC, LC, ST or other
  • EBC connector IP68 (even unprotected)
  • Dimensions without cables: (W) 37mm, (H) 37mm, (D) 79mm (if cap is closed)
  • Standard length 2m, other lengths on request

Multimode 50/125

27507086 1x EBC1504 / 4x SC, 50/125µm, 2m
27507087 1x EBC1504 / 4x LC, 50/125µm, 2m
27507088 1x EBC1504 / 4x ST, 50/125µm, 2m

Multimode 62,5/125

Multimode 62,5/125
27507089 1x EBC1504 / 4x SC, 62,5/125µm, 2m
27507090 1x EBC1504 / 4x LC, 62,5/125µm, 2m
27507091 1x EBC1504 / 4x ST, 62,5/125µm, 2m