4 channel
FRA adaptor box

  • Adapts from 1x EBC1504 to 2x EBC1502, 2x NO2 or 4x LC
  • High-impact resistant Easylen® housing
  • Including safety holes and clip rails for rig clamps or accessories
  • M10 thread at the bottom
  • IP protection class IP65 (EBC/NO version) or IP20 (LC version)
27610012 1x EBC1504MM to 2x EBC1502MM IP65
27610011 1x EBC1504MM to 2x OpticalCon Duo IP42
27610013 1x EBC1504MM to 2x LC Duplex MM IP20
27610014 1x EBC1504MM to 1x OpticalCon Quad IP42