FIBERFOX offers a wide range of possibilities in this case. The user can choose a practical system ranging from the simple connection panel to the highly flexible modular construction. Whereas the 19” connection panel mainly supports the conventional use of racks, the FCM components offer varied options: stand-alone operation, rack assembly etc. Almost everything can be done! Short-term demands re fulfilled– at the least cost – by means of exchanging the module patchcords: this guarantees a high level of redundancy and it avoids tedious assembly work. All of the common systems can be linked up via the connection of suitable cables, starting from the SC duplex connector. Last but not least: FIBERFOX has already become the standard in many OB vans, studios and live situations.

FCM modules

Compact metal boxes with lens connectors on the front and various facilities for connection on the back. They are available in passive or active versions such as standard modules, SMPTE modules and GigaBit ethernet modules.

FCM module connection cables

They make the connection to your system and are coordinated to the FCM modules.

FCM frames

Available as 19” version. They can carry up to four (1U) or nine (3U) FCM modules. FIBERFOX frames are perfect for Rental, OB-Vans and Fixed Installation as well.

FCM-GMC GigaBit media converter

Coming as universal 10/100/1000mBit converter for use in extreme environments, it offers a wide range of operating temperature as well as safe and reliable connection. Real plug & play, link loss forwarding technology and many more features characterize this FIBERFOX product. Certified by Ethersound©, tested and recommended by Allen & Heath, tested with Yamaha Dante, MA Lighting....

CONNEX video extender

4K@60Hz, DVI/HDMI or 3G/HD/SDI extenders fitted with the FIBERFOX EBC lens connector.