The problems that were involved with conventional connections in the past no longer apply when using prefabricated FIBERFOX glass fibre lines. Cables and the associated EBC lens connectors are optimally coordinated with each other on all lines and they therefore supply the best technical values. Selected types of drum – which also offer special features for reliable use with optical transmission systems, besides the correct core diameter and the best holding capacity – ensure easy handling use.

EBC cables

The flame-retardant halogen-free FOXPUR cable is extremely loadable mechanically, highly flexible and it can be wound on the drum very well. Its attenuating values are very low and so is its weight. Contracted stickers bearing serial numbers and longitudinal lettering enable permanent traceability and simple stock-taking. Every cable is inspected with the most modern measuring equipment before it leaves our firm. Since the connectors are hermaphroditic, no adapters are needed for the extension of cables. Just put them together!

Cable drums

We use rubber drums for lines of up to 400 m, on account of their high resistance and low weight. All drums allow for the cable’s appropriate bending radius. Special holding facilities (up from the FCR-200) ensure that the ends of lines will be fixed and that they are not subjected to any wear during transport. Cable made of steel are used for distances of more than 400 m.