2 channel
EBC1502 briDge

  • Suitable for installation and wireways without special tools
  • Very simple Integration of devices into FIBERFOX Systems
  • Integration of other fiber optic systems into FIBERFOX
  • No splicer, no expertise required for Installation
  • Very compact design - fits in every D-hole just like opticalCON©
  • Easy patching with common patch Cords (LC to LC, LC to SC, LC to ST)
  • Replaces opticalCON© without opening the device (if there is sufficient fiber reserve)
  • Adapts devices with 2x 2 channel opticalCON© to one 4 channel FIBERFOX system
  • Optimal use of 4 different signals on a FIBERFOX route by patching
  • Waterproof even without a protective cap, optimized for outdoor use
  • Extremely service-friendly

briDge 2ch

27405000 Lens receptacle XLR D 2ch MM 2xLC [F] 50/125µm OM4